October 2006

Seven Tax Treats for the Holiday Season

Five Reasons to Lease Business Equipment

How to Swap Real Estate Tax-free

True or False: Tax Questions About Gambling Activities

Choosing a Retirement Plan for a Small Business

To “Disclaim” or Not to “Disclaim”: That Is the Question

Call In for a Telephone Tax Refund

Corporate Reporting Rules: Help Is on the Way

What Can Happen If You Owe the IRS?

September 2006

For Independent Contractors: Protect Yourself

Open Up to Worldwide Communications

Meeting the Computer Threat from Insiders

Steer Clear of Online Investment Scams

Mapping Out Deductions for Foreign Business Travel

When a Nonprofit Spins Off a Business

Addressing State Nexus Issues of Manufacturers

Valuations Factors Affecting a Small Business

Tips on Accounting in the Construction Industry

Six Ways to Improve Networking

Fringe Benefits: Let's Get Physical

Cutting Down Work Disruptions

August 2006

See If Your Business Measures Up

The Tax Verdict on Legal Expenses

Your child's summer job could lead to an IRA

Sharing Home Equity with Your Child

To Retire Early or Not? That Is the Question

Married With Children? Consider a QTIP Trust

Piecing Together Your Estate Plan

Family Issues: Use of Accelerated Death Benefits

Can You “Fight City Hall” Over Your Land?

Why You Need Noncompete Agreements

How to Undo Unfair Credit Reports

When Workers Are Entitled to Overtime Pay

Summertime … and the Tax Credits Are Easy

July 2006

Seven Tax Moves for the Summer

Watch Out for Five AMT Traps for Investors

Section 179 Election: The Secret Weapon

Opportunities and Pitfalls in the New Tax Law

New Gift-giving Idea Aids College Students

Don't Be Trapped by Business Assets

How to Qualify for the Child Care Credit

Cafeteria Plans: What's on Your Menu?

Announcing New Luxury Car Limits for 2006

Day of Reckoning for SIMPLE Plans

New “Data Book” Spills the Beans

Are You An “Innocent” Spouse?

June 2006

Climbing the Investment Risk Pyramid

New Guidelines for Roth 401(k) Plans

What Is a Tax-deferred Annuity—Exactly?

Benefit Plans: Does a VEBA Deserve a Look?

Protecting the Reputation of Your Business

Business Valuations: External Factors Affecting a Sale

New Tax Guidance on the Manufacturing Deduction

New Tax Deduction for Commercial Building Owners

Who Will Succeed Your Nonprofit's Board?

Telecommuters: Beware of State Income Tax Complications

Retirement Limits for 2006 Take a Jump

Storm Warnings: When Can Workers Be Docked?

May 2006

Taxes in Life and Death

E-mail “Caller ID” Is on the Way

More S Corporations in the Family Way

How to Cut Down the Kiddie Tax

Should Your Company Hire Your Spouse?

Taking Clients Out to the Ball Game

Tax Trade-offs for Business Bad Debts

Emergency! Responding When Your Computer Crashes

Four Steps to Solving Problems

When You Need More Time to File

Setting Up a Home Computer Network

April 2006

There's No Tax Place Like Home

Saying Your Estimated Tax Vows

Attention Retirees: Watch Out for Tax on Social Security Benefits

How to Use Approved Per Diem Rates

How to Offset Capital Gains and Losses

Spotlight on Deductions for Charitable Donations

The “Ins” and “Outs” of IRAs

Don't Overlook These 19 Business Expense Deductions

Home Rentals: Avoid Tax Trap for Personal Use

Tax Benefits of Leasing to Yourself

Low-cost Ways to Boost Morale

IRS Protects Your Personal Tax Information

March 2006

The Pluses and Minuses of Outsourcing

Four Ways to Encourage Workplace Creativity

There is something to be said for acting proactively. Frequently, business managers tend to “put out fires” as problems arise—especially in small companies. Committing a business plan to paper requires a great deal of discipline, but going through the pr

Why Your Business Needs a Business Plan

New Tax Breaks in the Energy Law

Are Your Employees Mentally Healthy?

Choose Your State Tax Deduction Carefully

IRS Throws a Monkey Wrench in the Works

Real Estate Investors: Can You Turn “Pro”?

Just Be an Average Joe or Josephine

February 2006

IRS Zeroes In on Nonprofit Organizations

Don't Make These 10 Investment Mistakes

Is a Roth IRA Right for You?

Introducing New Features for 401(k)Plans

Should You Switch to Whole Life Insurance?

Deductions for Old Computers: Prove It

Should You Be a Good Samaritan?

During the last few years, the IRS has issued a number of rulings relating to the cleanup of hazardous waste materials. Now it has released yet another lengthy new ruling in an attempt to clarify some of the key tax rules.

Latest Tax Word on Environmental Cleanups

Shoring Up Deductions for Conservation Easements

How to Be a Better Boss

January 2006

Summary of Tax Breaks for Katrina Relief

T&E Expenses: Toe the Line on Recordkeeping

Enjoy the Tax Fruits of a Business Convention

Who Says You Can't Fight City Hall?

Four Ways to Deduct Interest Expenses

Basic Tax Breaks for Higher Education

Six Steps for Putting Tax Records in Order

What Is a "Reasonable" Amount of Compensation?

Tax Roundup of "Above-the-Line" Deductions

Facing Up to an IRS Audit

A Landlord's Guideline for Making Repairs

Business Valuations: Before and After the Storm

Estate Planning: Rights of Disinherited Family Members

How to Cash In on Company Patents

How to Fix Your Will Quickly

Where Are Your Property's Boundary Lines?

December 2005

Do Your Investing the Right Way

Where Do You Sue for Online Disputes?

Contesting a Will: The Rights of Family Members

Screening New-hires for Substance Abuse

Don't Miss These Ten Deductions for Landlords

How to Make Better Use of Your Time

Learn the Art of Delegation

Facing Up to the Tax on Social Security Benefits

For Homeowners: A Way to Double Your Tax Pleasure

Taxpayers Allowed Deductions for Special Education Program

Heed the New Rules for Charitable Trusts

Make the IRS an Offer It Can't Refuse

For Self-employeds: A New Tax Prescription for Health Insurance

Do Coverdell ESAs Deserve Another Look?

Six Ways to Motivate Part-timers

How to Deal with Employee Absenteeism

Avoiding Viruses in IM Messages

Wash Sales: How to Stay Dry at Year-end

November 2005

Seven Top Tax-saving Ideas at Year-end

Spreading Out Tax on Real Estate Sales

Should You Opt for S Corporation Status?

Don't Be Afraid of Probate

Giving Away Gifts of Property to Charity

Lock Up Tax Deductions for a Home Office

Establishing Business Value Before a Sale

Know the Tax Differences for Independent Contractors

Miscellaneous Expenses: All the Deductions That Don't Fit

Making History: A Tax Credit for Renovating Real Estate

Four Steps for Upgrading Your IT Department

Alert to Personal Computer Users: Pharming Reaps Data for Criminals

Crunching Numbers for a Biweekly Mortgage

Six Ways to Borrow for College

The Benefits of an Age-weighted Retirement Plan

Don't Ignore the Risks of Long-term Care

Planning Ahead: Look Toward the Investment Horizon

October 2005

Higher Medicare Premiums in Store


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